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Jacques Henri Lartigue. Bibi and a friend. Nice 1927-28.

Jacques Henri Lartigue. Bibi in Cannes. 1927.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue. Bibi at the New Eden Roc Restaurant. Cap d’Antibes. 1920.

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894 – 1986) French painter and photographer. Although it is considered one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, he always presented himself as a painter. He became interested in photography since childhood. His favorite subjects were: family and friends, and more generally the everyday life of the bourgeoisie, Lartigue was also fascinated by the elegant ladies for a walk in the Bois de Boulogne and it is thanks to these pictures that will later be considered as one of the pioneers of fashion photography. He picked up his photographs in volumes during its existence will come to put together some 130 albums, containing a total of tens of thousands of photos, including many autochromes.