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Helen Messinger Murdoch. Bishareen Children. Egypt. 1914.

Helen Messinger Murdoch. Kheops Pyramid. Egypt. c 1914.

Helen Messinger Murdoch. Little Peon with a Bombay Pumalo. India. 1914.

Helen Messinger Murdoch. Portrait. Bombay. c 1914.

Helen Messinger Murdoch (1862-1956) American photographer who has pioneered the use of autochromes in travel photography. She had a first artistic training, in 1890 she began to devote herself to photography. Initially she executed monochrome  portraits, then in 1907 she discovered the process of color Autochrome, just patented by the Lumière brothers. She was a frequent visitor of Halcyon Women’s Club and  Colour Society of Photographers. In 1911, she became part of the Royal Photographic Society. Helen Messinger Murdoch was the first woman to travel around the world, carrying out several photographs. Her journey took her to Egypt, Palestine, India, Burma, Hong Kong, China, Japan, the Philippines and Hawaii. The inability to continue to travel because of the First World War, Murdoch focused on photography flight, immortalized the Lindbergh, Richard E. Byrd and Amelia Earhart. In 1928, she made ​​the first aerial photograph, using the method autocrome, the city of Boston.she Took The first Autochrome view of Boston.