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Léon Gimpel. Illumination of the Eiffel Tower by Citroën. Paris. 1925.

Léon Gimpel. Book seller and Notre Dame on the Quai de la Seine, the Seine river. 1909.

Léon Gimpel. Roseraie de l’Haÿ. Paris. 1907.

Léon Gimpel. The Pont au Change in Paris. 1911.

Léon Gimpel (1873-1948) French photographer. In 1897 his interest in photography was kindled for the first time when he bought a Kodak detective camera. In 1900 documented the World’s Fair in Paris. In 1904 he began working for several French magazines such as La Vie au Grand Air, La Vie illustrée and L’Illustration. Innovative photographer, he experimented with perspective and also self-portraits using the distorted mirrors. He was the first photographer who experimented with night time photography. He met the Lumière brothers. He was the first photographer who in 1907 published the first color images. Gimpel captured scenes of everyday life of the Belle Epoque. Today many of his autochromes are conserved at the Musée d’Orsay.