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Salon du goût français. Two sets of city women. c. 1921.

Salon du goût français. Women’s costume figuring a moon. c. 1921.

Salon du goût français. Evening jacket with wide sleeves and collar, in black with white motifs and a red collar. c. 1921.

Salon du goût français. View from the back, cape or evening jacket in white fur with a swan-feather collar. c.1921.

The autochromes of Salon du goût français (Exhibition of French Fashion) form an exceptional collection, which show the French luxury industry from 1921 to 1923. These photographs show us the trends of fashion between the two World Wars. Clothing, tableware, furniture, automotive and toys, they reveal the power and inspiration of French haute couture, jewelery, jewelry. The autochrome became the ideal way to promote the different collections in France and abroad. The dimensions of the plates allow the entire collection to be loaded on board a cruise ship bound for America and on different continents.