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Auguste and Louis Lumière. A Soldier Offering a Maiden a Flower, 1910.

Auguste and Louis Lumière. The Bicycle. 1910s.

Auguste and Louis Lumière. Andrée and Suzanne. ca. 1909.

Auguste and Louis Lumière. The Lumière family, La Ciotat (Bouches-du-Rhône). Around 1910.

Antoine Lumière (1840-1911) founding father, he moved to Lyon with his family in 1871, was a photographer who specializes in visiting cards. Thanks to his artistic sense acquired a certain reputation. Antoine Lumière realized on their own photo media. In 1884 the company opened Antoine Lumière and sons.

Auguste (1862-1954) and Louis (1864-1948) Lumière conducted scientific studies at La Martinière in Lyon, meanwhile helped their father in the family business. In 1882 they developed the process, “Blue Label” which allowed the revival of the company Antoine Lumière, providing more revenue. The Lumière brothers brought forth new discoveries in various fields, their main invention is the cinema in 1894. In 1903 he patented the process Autochrome considered by Louis Lumière the greatest masterpiece. If the brothers have promised to always sign the inventions of their two names, major discoveries in photography and film are due to Louis Lumiere, while Auguste was more interested in biology and medicine.