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George Seeley. Seeley’s Sister with Peacock Feather. Early 1900.

George Seeley. Mary Seeley Davis and Marion Cady Davis. 1912.

George Seeley. The Black Bowl. c1907. Camera Work.

George H. Seeley. Still Life with Bowl and Flowers. c. 1915.

George Henry Seeley (1880-1955) American photographer. He was part of the pictorial movement. Seeley studied drawing and painting in Boston, after he met Fred Holland Day, who introduced him to the pictorial photography. In 1904 he held his first exhibition in the “First Exhibition of American Photography” in New York. In 1906 he joined the association photographic “Photo Secession” directed by Alfred Stieglitz. Between 1907 and 1910 he published several pictures on the photo magazine “Camera Work”. His photographs are always made ​​of soft focus, often with dark tones. He often used his sisters as models. Often he also photographed landscapes in different seasons with great attention to abstractions. In 1912 he resigned from the Photo Secession group, but throughout his life he continued his interest in pictorialism. During the 30s he devoted himself to painting again.